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In Major Wounds for Quick Healing

Zymogesic  is important in healing Major wounds

About Zymogesic  

Zymogesic tablet contains anti edematous and anti-inflammatory proteolytic enzymes mainly used for inflammations after surgery or injury, Debridement, RTI, Muscle relaxant and other conditions.

Inflammation Edema and Wound Healing

Zymogesic provides Trypsin BP 48mg + Bromelain 90mg + Rutoside Trihydrate BP 100mg.Zymoegsic Tablet works by producing substances which fight against pain and swelling; offering the body system protection; absorbing proteins into blood thus helping in removing dead tissues thus healing wounds;


Accerlates Healing And Reduces Inflammation

Trypsin Enhances the removal of blood clots, restores circulation and helps in wound healing
Bromelain Reduces the Swelling, Inflammation and redness.


Rutoside Potent Anti – Oxidant & Anti Oedamatous activity

Zymogesic Provides

  • To fight against pain and swelling.
  • Offering the body system protection.
  • Absorbing proteins into blood thus helping in digestion and removing dead tissues thus healing wounds.
Zymogesic Trypsin 48 mg
Bromelain 90 mg
Rutoside 100 mg

ONE TABLETS THRICE A DAY TABLETS UNCHEWED. Do not exceed the recommended intake. As recommended by your physician

Post Trauma Wounds

Diabetic Foot ulcers

Vascular and Traumatic Disorder

Adjuvant with Anti Biotics

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