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Zymogesic DS

In Major Wounds for Quick Healing

Double strength TBR – formulation – a combination of proteolytic enzymes and anti-oxidant which effectively manages inflammation and heal wounds.

Drugs of natural origin with lesser hazards is a positive alternative to NSAIDs due to their side effects. Bromelain, Rutoside and Trypsin are known to have a very promising role in relieving inflammation and promote wound healing.

Trypsin –

  • Widely used oral proteolytic enzyme to hasten repair of traumatic, surgical & orthopedic injuries
  • Enhances proteolysis of blood clot, necrotic tissue, purulent exudates thereby restoring blood circulation to the injured area
  • Reduces the inflammatory cytokines, edema of the soft tissues & reverses inflammation

Provides better resolution of inflammatory symptoms & promotes faster recovery of acute tissue injury


  • Complex mixture of proteolytic enzyme extracted from fruit or stem of pineapple plant
  • Its well-recognized properties are anti-inflammatory, analgesic, anti-oedematous, anti-thrombotic & fibrinolytic
  • It acts as an immunomodulator & is an anti-metastatic
  • Increases bioavailability & reduces side effects that are associated with various antibiotics
  • Recognized as a safe & successful therapeutic agent for a number of ailments

Rutoside –

  • Also known as Rutin, Hesperidin or Vitamin P
  • Citrus flavonoid found in a wide variety of plants esp. obtained from Buckwheat plant (Fagopyrum esculentum)

Exhibits antioxidant and anti-oedematous activity

Trypsin 96 mg
Bromelain 180 mg
Rutoside 200 mg

Adults – 1 tablet thrice in a day unchewed with plenty of liquid, 30 minutes before or 1-2 hours after meal.

Post surgery



Rheumatoid arthritis

Sports injury

Post-operative wounds

Sprain, strain and tendinitis

Multiple sclerosis

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