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Zymogesic DS

In Major Wounds for Quick Healing

Zymogesic DS is important in healing Major wounds

About Zymogesic DS

Zymogesic Double Strength tablet contains anti edematous and anti-inflammatory proteolytic enzymes mainly used for inflammations after surgery or injury, Debridement, RTI, Muscle relaxant and other conditions.

In Major Wound Healing

Zymogesic DS provides Trypsin BP 96mg + Bromelain 180mg + Rutoside Trihydrate  200mg.Zymoegsic Tablet works by producing substances which fight against pain and swelling; offering the body system protection; absorbing proteins into blood thus helping in removing dead tissues thus healing wounds;

For Faster Recovery

Trypsin -96mg Enhances the removal of blood clots, restores circulation and helps in wound healing
Bromelain-180 mg Reduces the Swelling, Inflammation and redness.


Rutoside200 mg Potent Anti – Oxidant & Anti Oedamatous activity

Zymogesic DS Provides

  • To fight against pain and swelling.
  • Offering the body system protection.
  • Absorbing proteins into blood thus helping in digestion and removing dead tissues thus healing wounds.
Zymogesic Trypsin 96 mg
Bromelain 180 mg
Rutoside 200 mg

ONE TABLETS THRICE A DAY TABLETS UNCHEWED. Do not exceed the recommended intake. As recommended by your physician

Severe Post Traumatic Wounds

Post Trauma Wounds

Diabetic Foot ulcers

Vascular and Traumatic Disorder

Adjuvant with Antibiotics

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