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Meyer Organics provides excellent work and growth environment to people coming from diverse backgrounds. Each of these personnel possess an extensive array of experience. The culture thrives on hard work, innovation, mutual respect, and a sense of accountability and responsibility.

The employees are supported by a management team that believes in decentralized control over day – to – day activities, open communication and discussion, cross functional teams and intra-department job rotation.

Employees’ performance is regularly evaluated and training and development needs are addressed accordingly. Both in-house and external training is provided to the personnel for effective execution of their responsibilities.

Meyer Organics is truly a great place to grow.

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Sr. #
Job Category
Job Title
Start Date
1 Production – Dehradun Contract Manufacturing Officer Immediate
2 Sales & Marketing Product Management Team Immediate
3 Sales & Marketing Sales & Administration Officer/Assistant Immediate
4 Sales & Marketing PMT Coordinator Immediate
5 Training – Mumbai Training Executive Immediate
6 Training – Mumbai Training Executive Immediate
7 Product Registration – Mumbai Officer/Assistant- Product Registration Immediate
8 Accounts & Finance – Mumbai Chartered Accountant Immediate
9 PPIC – Mumbai Production Planning Executive Immediate
10 PPIC – Mumbai Packaging Development Executive Immediate
11 Production – Bangalore Production Manager Immediate
12 Country Manager- Nigeria/Ghana Country Manager Immediate


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