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Colicaid Drops

Safe And Effective Therapy In Infantile Colic

Colicaid provides Simethicone with benefit of Dill oil & Fennel oil.
Simethicone in Colicaid expels trapped gas & relieves discomfort, while Dill oil & fennel oil reduces spasm & increases intestinal motility.

Each ml (approx. 25 drops from enclosed dropper) contains :
Simethicone Emulsion U.S.P.
eqvt. to Simethicone U.S.P. 40 mg
Dill Oil B.P. 0.005 ml
Fennel Oil USP-NF 0.0007 ml
Syrupy base q.s.

Colicaid Drops is most trusted brand for infantile colic by doctors and parents. Colicaid Drops has been in market for more than 18 years and market leader in its category.

Colicaid Drops is formulated with natural colors & flavors and hence safe for children.

Each ml Provides:
SR. NO. Ingredients per  ml
1 Simethicone U.S.P 40 mg
2 Dill Oil B.P. 0.005 ml
3 Fennel Oil 0.0007 ml
4 Syrup Base q.s

Pack: 30ml

Infants (Below 6 Months) – 5-10 Drops q.i.d 15 mins before feed

Infants (6-12 months)- 10-20 drops q.i.d 15 mins before feed

Children(Above 1 year)- 20-25 drops q.i.d 15 mins before feed
Or as directed by Physician.

Infantile Colic

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